Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My English Class 2017 and some random rant

Hi Sydney...I miss you big time!!! Am praying hard to be there again..Well, i am writing today is not only telling you about how i miss you but to tell the story of how my English class for today.

We are creating blogs to make our learning interesting. It's not a new thing anyway but the students look so excited and it will boost their spirit to learn English.

It has been so long since i write in this blog..Being buzy with family and of course my little pumpkin who is now 1y and 10 months.

I am looking forward for an interview so that i can further my study and pursue my dream to become a PhD holder. So do pray for me aye!!!

Last holiday, I did something that I had not done for a long time. I read all my collections of HLOVATE novels..It was so refreshing..I felt like I am in my twenties again..ahaha

ops..time is up...see u later dear blog


Thursday, November 26, 2015

My little pumpkin is on the way - 1

Assalamualaikum wbt...

So, it is already week 40 plus 2 days extra which means overdue!!! Ohh little pumpkin when are you coming out...mama and abah can't wait to see you...

is it really good to be in mama's tummy? hihihi

24th Nov 2015

Mama went to the KK Padang Hiliran for a check up and doctor decided to give another 1 week for you to be in mama's tummy. Alhamdulillah you are in a good health..Mama can see you from the screen clearly and dear my little pumpkin you can't imagine how big you are. Abah took a leave on that day just to send Mama to the KK but in the evening, Abah had to go back to Muadzam since you are still happily residing in Mama's tummy..and believe it or not, Mama didn't feel any single contraction on that day or a day before.

25th Nov 2015

Mama had a good day. Mama went out with Grandma, Auntie Ya and Auntie Lin from morning to night. Mama really had to walk a lot so dilation process would be starting soon. Mama also did exercises in the room (jalan itik and joget2 a bit)..It was tiring but quite fun..Hihi..Abah was back in Muadzam but Mama knew that his heart was with us all the time..Seriously my little pumpkin, Abah had no spirit to work since he was eagerly waiting for you to come out. Mama also talked to you, persuading you to come out faster. Mama is afraid of being induced..Mintak jauhhh...hehehe..
Oh my!!! it was 1.45 am and Mama woke up feeling the pain of contraction. Mama wrote down the time of the contraction eventhough it was a very mild one. Mama just couldn't sleep but later on, Mama dozed off..hehe...at 3.00 am, the pain came again..then, at 6 a.m it repeated. Mama performed my Subuh prayer and woke Abah up. Oh dear!!!!baby please come out!!!

26th Nov 2015

Mama went to the town area with Grandma and after we fetched Auntie Ya from the hospital, we went to Paparich for lunch. There it went..A feeling of not so mild contraction for 10 minutes..Then, it disappeared until now..So, lets wait until the next one..Come out faster baby!!! Hopefully something will turn out tonight...InsyaAllah

To be continued...

Oh Allah ease our journey...Grant us with a pious daughter who will be a good muslim..Amin...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Waiting for the most precious gift..

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Hi there..now I'm in week 37 and going to be week 38 of pregnancy this coming Tuesday. SubhanAllah what a blessing from Him to be able to have the feeling of being a pregnant lady. It is not a smooth journey as I had a few 'alahan' during my 2nd trimester which I believe was a test for me.

Alhamdulillah I get tremendous  supports from dearest husband, families as well as friends. May Allah repay all of you with His blessings.

I am counting days for the little one to come out. I am praying the best for my little one.

Do pray for us =)

p/s: my concern is how to raise a caliph to become a good muslim that will serve the ummah.. --"
       may Allah ease everything for us...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kau ditakdirkan untukku

Kau ditakdirkan untukku..
Dari saat pertama akad dilafaz,
Di saat itu, perkenalan kita bermula.
Setiap detik yang berlalu hingga kini,
Terasa begitu berharga
Ada sahaja perkara baru yang ku tahu tentang dirimu
Dan aku terima lebih dan kurangmu
Kerana aku tahu kau juga begitu

Kau ditakdirkan untukku..
Aku terkesan dengan perilakumu
Aku tertunduk dengan kata nasihatmu
Aku kagum dengan kesabaranmu
Aku bersyukur dengan keimananmu
Aku bahaga dengan kasih sayangmu

Kau ditakdirkan untukku..
Aku melafaz rasa bersyukur padaMu Tuhan
Dikurniakan pendamping yang menjagaku
Menjaga maruahku dari fitnah dunia terhadap wanita
Menjaga hatiku dari kotoran-kotoran mazmumah
Menjaga lidahku dari berkata buruk

Kau ditakdirkan untukku..
Terima kasih atas segalanya
Silap tingkahku, silap lisanku
Aku mohon ampun sepenuh hati
Kerna kutahu mana letaknya syurgaku
Redha Allah itu terletak pada redhamu kepadaku

Kau yang ditakdirkan untukku..
Wahai suamiku.
Semoga imanmu sentiasa dipeliharaNya
Semoga aqidah sentiasa dijagaNya
Semoga dirimu sentiasa daam lindunganNya

-p/s: Mohd Fadzlam Saari
         (hadiah Allah dari langit untukku )


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Phase in my life..

Assalamualaikum wbt...


Saya masih bernafas dengan nikmat iman dan islam yang diberikan Allah dan semoga ianya sampai ke akhir hayat saya..

Blog yang sangat lama tidak dijamah..What a buzy and hectic life I am having nowadays. Pejam celik pejam celik..it has been 3 months since i have been declared as husband and wife, one of the greatest bond which is the "misthaqan ghaliza".. Perjanjian yang kukuh dan kuat antara seorang suami dan seorang isteri dan amat tinggi nilainya dalam Islam.

Nak berkongsi pengalaman dan asam garam kehidupan setelah berumah tangga? Rasa masih tidak layak kerana usia pernikahan baru setahun jagung..owh mgkin bukan setahun jagung...tapi masih diperingkat anak benih yang disemai..

It is a new phase for me where I need to realize that my focus and loyalty have shifted from my parents to this one great man. Knowing him since 2006 but never realize that he is my destiny. Until last year, we had come to an agreement to get married. We just got to know each other more in the middle of last year and end of year, we were married. That was the 6th time we met each other. =)..It's a miracle kan? 

Rasa bersyukur yang tidak terhingga kerana dikurniakan seorang teman hidup yang sangat memahami dan penyabar..It is a blessing from Allah to have him in my life..

Sedikit pesanan untuk diri sendiri:

"-Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w yang bermaksud : “Apabila seorang wanita (isteri) itu telah melakukan sembahyang lima waktu, puasa bulan Ramadhan, menjaga maruahnya dan mentaati perintah suaminya, maka ia dijemput di akhirat supaya masuk Syurga mengikut pintunya mana yang ia suka (mengikut pilihannya).”

(Hadis Riwayat Ahmad, Ibnu Hibban dan Thabrani)"

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda yang maksudnya:“Sebaik-baik isteri ialah yang dapat menyenangkan hati suaminya apabila engkau (suami) melihatnya dan apabila disuruh dia menurut perintahmu, dan dia dapat menjaga kehormatan dirinya dan hartamu ketika engkau tiada di rumah.

(Riwayat Thabrani)


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hadiah dari langit

Dear blog,

I miss you..=)

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It has been ages since the last time I updated this blog..I have been inspired by someone to continue writing in this blog..It does feel good to be back again..

Well, people...

I am thankful with what I have now.
There's nothing more that I can ask for from Allah SWT
I am really contented with the blessing that He has given me.
Allah's blessings are beyond my expectation..

So, yes..I am really glad..=)

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah

Indeed, what Allah has promised in the Quran is so so so true..

Surely, there is ease after hardship
Aye, surely there is ease after hardship
(Al-Insyirah: 6, 7)

p/s: Dear Allah, let me be the one who will always remember You
     : Alhamdulillah sbb sy dpt hadiah yg jatuh dari langit..=)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm back in here again: 2013

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I'm back..Alhamdulillah....

Now, I am in the middle of reading an inspiring book by Yasmin Mogahed. The title is "Reclaim you heart".. What a good book for one to reflect on oneself and understand the nature of this life.Yes, some of us actually already know what is the meaning of this life from the point of view of a muslim. However, as we are the 'al-insan' which mean always being the one who forget things, we need reminders (tazkirah) to keep on reminding us so that we are not going astray from the right path.Let me share one of the pearls inside the book.


"Before you can fill any vessel, you must first empty it. The heart is a vessel. And like any vessel, the heart too must be emptied-before it can be filled. One can never hope to fill the heart with God, so long as that vessel is full of other than Him subhanahu taa'la (exalted He is)" To empty the heart doesn't mean to not love. On the contrary, true love, as God intended it, it purest when it is not based on a false attachment.

See...I love the words that Yasmin has used..Deep..very deep..let's think....=)

Oh Dear,
As long as eyes can see, 
As long as heart can beat,
As long as we are still in this world,
The journey is still there
For some people, it has begun for a long time
And for some people it has just started
What ever it is, as long as we are in this journey,
We are under the blessing of Allah
What journey that I am talking about?

It is the journey of coming back to the only path that the God Almighty has chosen for us..


It does feel good to return back to this blog..=)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The power of ' Doa '

Assalamualaikum wbt....I would like to share this marvellous and heart purifying story. It is taken from Suhaibwebb.com...

Dr. Saed, a well-known doctor, was once on his way to an important medical conference in another city in which he was going to be granted an award for medical research he had recently done. He could barely contain his excitement on his way to the airport and couldn't wait until he arrived at the conference. He had worked long and hard on his research and felt his efforts deserved the award he was about to obtain. However, an hour after the plane took off, the pilot announced that there was a problem with the plane and that they were going to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

Afraid that he wouldn't make it in time for the conference, the doctor ran to the information desk as soon as the plane landed and explained to the woman at the desk that he was expected to be at a very important conference and that he needed to find another war to get to his destination. She told him that there was nothing she could do to help him as there wouldn't be another flight to his destination for another sixteen hours; but suggested he rent a car and drive down to the city as it was only three hours away. Having no other choice, the doctor agreed to the idea despite his hatred for driving long distances.

The doctor rented a car and started his journey. However, soon after he left, the weather suddenly changed and heavy storm began. The pouring rain made it very difficult form him to see and he missed a turn he was supposed to take. After two hours of driving, he was convinced he was lost. Driving in the heavy rain on a deserted road, feeling hungry and tired, he frantically began to look for any sign of civilization. After some time, he finally came across a dark tiny cottage. Desperate, he got out of the car and knocked on the door.

A small elderly woman opened the door for him. He explained his situation and asked if he could use her telephone, She told him she didn't have a phone or electricity but that he was welcome to come in for some food and something warm to drink as he completely lost his way and that it would take him some time to get back on the right road. Hungry, wet and exhausted, the doctor accepted her kind offer and walked in, The woman told him to help himself to some food and hot tea on the table and then helped herself to finish her prayers. Sitting on the table sipping his tea, the doctor watched the woman in the dim light of the candles as she prayed next to what appeared to be a small baby crib. Every time she finished a prayer, she would start another one, and she seemed to be engrossed in making du'a' while in sujood (prostration). Every now and then she would rock the crib gently.

Feeling that the woman might be in need of help, the doctor seized the opportunity to speak as soon as she finished one of her prayers and told her that he hoped Allah (swt) would answer his du'a'. He then said that he noticed that she had been making a lot of du'a' and asked if there was something she needed that she could fet for her or help her with. The woman smiled and said that Allah (swt) had answered all her prayers accept for one. She said she didn't know why Allah (swt) hadn't answered this specific prayer yet but perhaps it was because of her weak iman (faith).

The doctor asked if she didn't mind telling him what she was making the du'a' for. Nodding her head in approval, she said that the child in the crib was her grandson and that both his parents had recently died in a car accident. She said that the child had a rare type of cancer and that all the doctors she had seen were unable to treat him. She also said that she had been told there was a doctor who specialized in the type of cancer her grandson had, but there was no way for her to get to this doctor who lived far away from her; so she has been spending her days and nights praying and making du'a' that Allah (swt) helps her find a way to get to Dr Saeed-the doctor who could treat her grandson.

Upon hearing her words, tears began to floe down the doctor's cheeks and he said: SubhanAllah (glory be to God), there was a malfunction in the plane, a thunderstorm hit, and I lost my way, and all of this happened because Allah (swt) did not just answer your prayer by helping you find a way to get to Dr. Saeed, but he brought Dr. Saeed to your house. "I am Dr. Saeed"

Tears streaming down her cheecks, the woman raised her hands in du'a' and said; 'Oh Allah, how great and merciful You are!!!!

p/s: sweet and beautiful aye...=)...

"And whoever fears Allah, He will make for him a way out/ And will provide for him from where he does not expect"- (65:2-3)

"And when my seravnts ask you, [ O Muhammad ], concerning Me- indeed I am near, I respond to the invocation of every supplicant when he calls upon Me.. (2: 186)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Under the shades of His blessings

Assalamualaikum wbt...

When I look through my journey back then, I feel so blessed. I am blessed with everything and anything that has turned me into what I am today. For all the things that I need to give in and receive are actually part and parcel of life that I need to face. I have realized that they come with reasons..

So, dear Allah...please..
bless me with your blessings..
forgive me when I disobey You..
grant my wishes as You are the only one that I could ask from


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear you

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Dear you,you are now being tested with a huge test. Just remember that you have Allah, your family,your masulah and friends..You know this is the sign and the big alarm for you to take action.

Alhamdulillah there's a relief after each difficulty...