Thursday, December 30, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah..JIRIM 2 berakhir dengan selamat. Lega rasanya..Pelbagai kenangan manis yang dilalui dan seribu satu pengajaran yang bermakna untuk masa depan..Dengan perasaan yang gembira + bersyukur, ingin saya kongsikan sesuatu...Pengalamanku yang tak ternilai sewaktu winter 2009..


Thursday, December 16, 2010

more story on Umar Al-Khattab

Assalamualaikum wbt..

At the time when the muslim army met with the Persian army, they faced difficult situation during the battle. This happened thousands miles from Madinah. The caliph which was Umar Al-Khattab suddenly got the view on how the situation was. Allah permitted him to see this while he was giving khutbah to the people in Madinah. The jemaah was looking at him in great surprised seeing the caliph giving orders like a general in a battle field from the mimbar. Alhamdulillah the muslim army won the battle and they came back to Madinah.

SubhanAllah Allahuakbar. When the army was in Madinah, they told the story where when they were in difficult situation during the battle, they heard the voice of the caliph giving orders to them. Then they followed him and managed to destroy the Persian.

p/s: well, sharing is good right? I might forget this story so I've decided to write it. A reminiscence =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cupAcakes for teammates

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Alhamdulillah finally...there goes the cupcakes...Specially decorated for my Jambori Remaja Muslim (JIRIM 2) teammates.

Semoga kerja kita dipermudahkan dan diberkati olehNya..


Friday, December 3, 2010

the choice is yours

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Happy Birthday my blog !!! Today, 3rd December is my date of birth and also this blog's. It has been 3 years I've been blogging since 2007 and hopefully it will continue until 20xx..InsyaAllah..This blog also resembles my journey in life before I went to Oz, while I were there and after I came back. Love this blog so much..

Long time ha..not updating this blog..I'm quite buzy with a few stuff. But today, I have to say something to my blog since it is its birthday. Hurm a few days back, I had experienced a weird experience (I would say that). What was it? Let us start from here..

A quarter to 5 am, I got a miscall from an unknown number. Then I called the number back at 9 am waiting for the owner to pick it up but no answer. I thought it was my friend's number.. Hidayah Habil. She just got back from Oz for summer holiday so it must be her. Unfortunately I was wrong.

That night, this mystery number sms me. We started to sms ing and in it was all in English (mantap English dia). I kept on asking who he or she was by saying that I didn't like to talk to strangers. After a while, he (the owner was a he) said that he was a boy. a bad boy who is trying to know Allah and trying to be a good muslim. He was asking for my help to guide him.

Here it went: our conversation (via smses)

Mystery number: I'm the school dropout, only know about performing with guitar. I'm bad boy and I'm lost. I sing with the guitar for years to earn my living btw, my friend has asked me to perform during his alumni. I have to sing maher Zain songs. What is your opinion? I want to quit from all this.

Fariena: Erm..actually, you don't have to quit singing. You just have to make sure that your song can bring people to remember Allah, the place where you sing must be clean from maksiat as in they separate the boys and girls.

Mystery number: Ok that's it. I'll quit now. I want to learn about Islam. Where do I start?

Fariena: You know, it is very good if you want to change. I can give you my friend's number which is also a boy. You know it is easier for a boy to learn from a boy. You guys use the same language after all.

Mystery number: "Oh..who is he? why do you think he can help me?

Fariena: Well, he is my friend back in college. He has good knowledge about Islam and you can learn from him. I'm sorry because I'm not the best person to help you. You know we have boundaries between boy and girl in Islam rite?

Mystery number: Oh..Does he perform congregational prayers 5 times a day? Does he has beard or shaved? and more questions that I don't remember.

Fariena: Yes of course he does that and he is shaved clean. Why do you bother for such thing?"(then I regretted for being quite rude..)

Mystery number: "Of course I have to ask that. How come you say he can help me if he shaved? You know that Allah and Rasulullah prohibit us from doing that. I learn it from a kitab."

Fariena: Wait my fren. The beard thingy is just a sunnah which means that it is good for you to follow but if you don't do it you won't get sins. What kitab is that? and from who do you learn that. (dalam hati: ish jgn2 tersilap belajar dia ni. kitab2 ni bukan boleh main ikut sebarangan je. mesti berguru. kalau tak silap tafsir sendri. boleh sesat jadinya)

Mystery number: It is in the kitab which the 4 mazhab have agreed upon it. I didn't learn it from anybody. I just read and try to practice. I'm the jahil one..I jut want to learn Islam thoroughly. If you can't help me it's ok..I'll find somebody else. I'm confused and afraid too.

Fariena: Ok..wait2..I'll try to help you but let be honest with me. Who are you and how did you find me? I'll help you. I'm afraid you'll mix everything up.

Mystery number: Take a rest. May Allah bless you alwez.
(alamak ada silap cakap ke?)

Fariena: Orait then..may Allah guide you to the rite path and don't forget to pray as he is the All-knowing.

Until now, no more messages from him. Did I do any wrong? Don't know but I hope he will contact my friend that can help him or find someone else that can really teach him the true Islam. Let's pray for him.

p/s: There are numbers of our friends out there who are searching for the light of Islam. They are trying to search for the truth and back to the fitrah. We should be thankful to Allah as we are not in their shoes, as we already found it. Thus, let us try our best to be the best muslim who practice it. Remember, this deen is simple. It is the way of life. Know it by heart then you'll feel the beauty of it.

Live well or live hell, you choose (Rooftop Rant, Hlovate)- try to find this novel. It teaches you one aspect of life that usually forgotten.