Thursday, November 26, 2015

My little pumpkin is on the way - 1

Assalamualaikum wbt...

So, it is already week 40 plus 2 days extra which means overdue!!! Ohh little pumpkin when are you coming out...mama and abah can't wait to see you...

is it really good to be in mama's tummy? hihihi

24th Nov 2015

Mama went to the KK Padang Hiliran for a check up and doctor decided to give another 1 week for you to be in mama's tummy. Alhamdulillah you are in a good health..Mama can see you from the screen clearly and dear my little pumpkin you can't imagine how big you are. Abah took a leave on that day just to send Mama to the KK but in the evening, Abah had to go back to Muadzam since you are still happily residing in Mama's tummy..and believe it or not, Mama didn't feel any single contraction on that day or a day before.

25th Nov 2015

Mama had a good day. Mama went out with Grandma, Auntie Ya and Auntie Lin from morning to night. Mama really had to walk a lot so dilation process would be starting soon. Mama also did exercises in the room (jalan itik and joget2 a bit)..It was tiring but quite fun..Hihi..Abah was back in Muadzam but Mama knew that his heart was with us all the time..Seriously my little pumpkin, Abah had no spirit to work since he was eagerly waiting for you to come out. Mama also talked to you, persuading you to come out faster. Mama is afraid of being induced..Mintak jauhhh...hehehe..
Oh my!!! it was 1.45 am and Mama woke up feeling the pain of contraction. Mama wrote down the time of the contraction eventhough it was a very mild one. Mama just couldn't sleep but later on, Mama dozed 3.00 am, the pain came again..then, at 6 a.m it repeated. Mama performed my Subuh prayer and woke Abah up. Oh dear!!!!baby please come out!!!

26th Nov 2015

Mama went to the town area with Grandma and after we fetched Auntie Ya from the hospital, we went to Paparich for lunch. There it went..A feeling of not so mild contraction for 10 minutes..Then, it disappeared until now..So, lets wait until the next one..Come out faster baby!!! Hopefully something will turn out tonight...InsyaAllah

To be continued...

Oh Allah ease our journey...Grant us with a pious daughter who will be a good muslim..Amin...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Waiting for the most precious gift..

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Hi I'm in week 37 and going to be week 38 of pregnancy this coming Tuesday. SubhanAllah what a blessing from Him to be able to have the feeling of being a pregnant lady. It is not a smooth journey as I had a few 'alahan' during my 2nd trimester which I believe was a test for me.

Alhamdulillah I get tremendous  supports from dearest husband, families as well as friends. May Allah repay all of you with His blessings.

I am counting days for the little one to come out. I am praying the best for my little one.

Do pray for us =)

p/s: my concern is how to raise a caliph to become a good muslim that will serve the ummah.. --"
       may Allah ease everything for us...