Thursday, November 3, 2011

I just lost a chance to do good

Assalamualaikum wbt... I had just lost a chance to do one good deed. I was quite stressed with all the school stuff especially when I had hundreds of essays to mark. It really put me in a not that good condition. So what happened was I was asked by one of the teachers to send sick students to the hospital. On my way back, at a traffic light, a makcik knocked my window and asked me where I was heading to. I think, that makcik aged around 60 plus based on her look. She said she wanted to go to the town but my destination was a different one. She also said she did not know how to ride the bus to go there. Hurm..actually, I was rushing to go back to school since I had class after that and the traffic light was already green at that time. When the makcik said, "oh tak pergi bandar ke? tak apa lah". I smiled at her and drove my car in a high speed because I was afraid I would miss the green light.

Ehem2..well, honestly speaking, when the makcik knocked the window, I went goose bump. I remembered one of the teachers told me her own experience giving a ride to an unknown makcik. After she sent that makcik to the destination, the makcik suddenly disappeared just like that when she turned around to say good bye to that unknown makcik. So, it was not really interesting to listen to that kind of story right!!

However, all the way back, I kept thinking of that makcik and I really felt ashamed with my self. I should have helped her. It took only 3 minutes to go to the town. Then, I made a u-turn and went to that spot where I met her but she was nowhere to be seen. I searched everywhere but there was no sign of her. Hurm....weirdo..anyway, I did feel frustrated because I thought that Allah might send her to me and wanted to test my iman. Which state was my iman was at that moment.

No doubt, I just lost the chance to do good and we never know when we will be given with such opportunity again.