Saturday, April 9, 2011

and on and on and on

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Finally, the wireless is able to connect me to the other part of the world. It has been 1 month living here without the internet. However, I manage to survive. Alhamdulillah..

A lot of things going on and it really keeps me struggling with my new life. One after another, obstacles do come and make me becomes another person. I hope the change is for the better not the other way around.

Well...Decision making...
It is hard to make decision which will determine how your life will be after this. Things will not be the same and you have to face all the consequences as it is what you have chosen. Not to forget there is always the syaitan who will try to lead you away from the right path. But if you know that all the decisions that you have to make must be seen by the view from the above(neraca langit), you will finally come back to the right path and your choices will be based on that. insyaAllah your choice will be blessed by Him.

Currently, I am in that situation and no one can help me except for Allah. Therefore, Oh Allah please help and guide me so that every decision that I make will be because of You. Things get tougher everyday and I badly need You.

Allah does not burden you beyond your means, and when Allah tests you, He loves you. Test, trials, calamities, hardships,they are all package of having Faith in Allah,putting your trust in Allah.