Friday, June 3, 2011

it is hard to say goodbye

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Finally, our convocation day had arrived
After a while, we met again
Iz, Sa and me
We told a lot of stories at that special place
We shared, we laughed
We advised, we consoled
Those precious moments

On that very last moment after the convocation,
I said goodbye to Sa
Which was surrounded by her family
I searched for Iz but nowhere to be seen

Then, Iz came to me to bid farewell
I saw those shining eyes smiling
Trying hard to not letting go the tears
So did I

We both pretended to smile
We both pretended to cheer up
We hugged each other with one mutual understanding
Which was we did not know when we would meet again

Friends, eventhough we are far apart but deep inside our hearts
We are very close as we are bonded by one chain
It is the chain of da'wah and tarbiyah
As long as we are still in this path
We always be together
We always be....



Izudinshah said...

life goes on.. :)

Iz said...

i feel you dear. will always be missing you, Sa and definitely our moments of hardship, and ease...

our moments of going for meetings in shah alam and gombak, the moments we had to decide to take cab or trains..

moments when we lost our way on the way to the meetings..

all the programs we had worked for..

all the teary moments we had shared during our usrah and as our bedtime stories, anytime we felt like to..

all the joys we had along the way..

oh Allah, thank you for sending me, Fariena and Sa into my life.

bestow upon these dearest sahabiah of duniya and hereafter, the greatest blessings along their journey of life...

love you fillah.. love you fillah.. love you fillah...

inshaAllah, we will meet again

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The Septic Tank Blog said...

i know what you mean, its always tough

Anonymous said...

it will get easier :-)

Anonymous said...

Fariena dearie, Mabruk on ur convo (wpun dah terlewat beberapa bulan, hehe). Rindu akhwat sumer di msia..iAllah one day kita kena buat reunion =)- Umm Suhayl