Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nahnu Ansarallah

Assalamualaikum wbt...Segala puji bagiNya Tuhan semesta alam..Syukur alhamdulillah atas segala nikmat yang dikurniakan kepada hambaMu ini. Tiba-tiba terasa sedih dengan diri yang rasanya makin jauh cintaNya. Astaghfirullah..ampuni aku ya Allah....Balik je dari bacaan yasin di rumah senior tadi, saya dapat satu offline message dari seorang ukhti..A poem I suggest...but it really stucks in my mind..Let me share it...hopefully one day, I manage to produce my own poem..insyaAllah...

Carrying Islam
is like carrying a hot coal
pure pressure surrounds us
but we won’t fold
when time become tough
remember Jannah

It was difficult
even for the Sahabas
No success
without struggle
Keep our best friends Muslim
So we're always out of trouble
checking our ideas
the way we think

Based on Islam
Because Islam is our Deen
Bonded by our ideas
Islamically connected
Days of Jahillah
Alhamdulillah we left it
Islamic as a yardstick
That we measure
Only for Allah
And to gain HIS pleasure

Sayonara jahiliyyah (InsyaAllah)...lets fight together..lets protect our Deen...come brothers and sisters..Its the time for Islam to rise...

Who are you???? Nahnu Ansarallah....InsyaAllah...


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