Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My country...

Assalamualaikum wbt..Ermm..I think I am in the politic mode tonight as I was given the chance by Allah SWT to watch a video about the debate between Anwar Ibrahim and Shabery Chik..The debate caught my interest about the political situation in Malaysia..Dasyat jugak debatenya tu and we can see who speak the truth and who didn't. Try me..It is the first time if I am not mistaken that a live debate is held between the government and the opponent..before this, ada berani ka??terus sumbat ISA la.. Things should be like this for a long time ago where all of the people have the opportunity or chance to voice out their opinion for the betterment of the country..A thought sparks in my mind that it is true when people say that you get the clearer view about the situation in Malaysia when you view it from other country's perspectives.

Correct me if I am wrong..
1)now our prime minister, Pak Lah is under pressure and it is assumed that he will resign from his position and a new election will be held in a short period of time..

2) Our deputy prime minister, Mr Najib Tun Razak is said to be the 'big man' behind Altantuya case.

3) Our x-deputy prime minister, Mr Anwar Ibrahim was accused for another liwat case?.

4) The history of economy crisis in 1997 will repeat?

Hello people..what is going on with our country??We cant just close our eyes and say it has nothing to do with us..

So, how to cure those illnesses?? Just return back to the QURAN and SUNNAH..Follow exactly what is written in the Quran and the Sunnah..You wont go astray from the right path. If everybody is practicing the real Islam and be a faithful servant to Him, such karut marut problems wont occur.Trust me..aish Fariena stops with all this crapt..ok2..come and read this entry written by my senior..Kak Farah..I dont know why but I think I should share it with you...


aku optimis

Current situation in Malaysia has forced all of us in Malaysia to be critical. Some of ppl's judgement are basically driven by emotions and some like i've mentioned are critical. I've found that many of the government's policies aren't popular and I'm forced to believe there must be reasons behind this.

But I am optimistic about the future of Malaysia. It's just that we might have to deal with the critical and difficult phase first and for sure we do not know (except God!) under whose leadership will Malaysia be brighter than she is today. Many intellectuals has predicted that this 21st century will witness a phenomena where the dominance of the west over the world is decreasing as other civilizations (Asians, Islam, etc) is becoming more powerful in terms of economy, military, etc. And our country, Malaysia is part of that civilization.

And especially for Muslims, there's a saying (hadith) by the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h:
"Islam during the end times (the last era before Qiyamah) will rise from the east".
And the east here refers to - Asia. And which part of Asia that has a number of Muslims? Definitely Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, some part of Thailand and Philippines. Doesn't that indicate that we are actually the hope of Ummah and it's best to not give up with what's happening now in our beloved country for there'll be an end for this (because I've heard some has thought of migrating to other country!) Everything will turn out good for everyone!

Well, only God knows best.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country (J. F. Kennedy)."
taken from kak farah

my personal suggestion: Kita pakat tukaq la pulak..try test kepimpinan ulama' plak nak tk??..

ha bangunlah wahai ghulam2 semua..kenapa ghulam pulak??sebab haritu belajar hadith pasal ghulam ni..ghulam tu kan time citer pasal ghulam pulak..ok la smpai sini dulu..



far far away said...

oh fariena, let's just keep on praying that the change will happen soon ok?
with the political situation that's becoming better and better, we can never lose our hope can we? =)

nurilahi said...

salam twin..hehe..yup2..we can never lose hope..lets pray so that yang haq(kebenaran) wins..and yg batil(salah) tu kalah..hehe..thanks for sharing your opinion..cant wait to see the results for permatang pauh punya election..hehe..jazakillah ukhti farizah...