Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Being 21....

Assalamualaikum wbt...Alhamdulillah, I'm 21 years old today. Thanks a lot to my dearest family members for wishing me happy birthday (even it was at 3 am this morning)..maybe they forgot the time difference between Malaysia and Australia..And also to all my friends, they celebrated my birthday last night with special treat..Crispy Creme (my favourite doughnut)..and all the presents and cards, they were all lovely..muaah..luv u all..

Hmm being 21? what does it means to me? Last night, after performing my Isyak prayer, I reflected back on my previous years. What had I done? What did I achieve? There are numbers but what had I done for my religion? 21 years old, should be very matured enough to think about the well-being of my religion. Since 7 years old, I started my primary school and then my secondary school. After that, foundation years and first year of my degree in Ipba. For the past 11 months, being in Oz(what a wonderful experience for me) and also the place where I got to know my religion better. Felt like nothing I had contributed to Islam.

During the time of Prophet SAW and his companions, young people did contribute a lot to Islam. They were so brave, with true faith and their destination were only to get syahid. Usamah bin Zaid, at the age of 18, he was the general of the Muslim army. Many people were not agreed when Rasulullah said Usamah would be the leader. However, Rasulullah trusted him and his abilities to lead the army. For sure, he was such a great young man. And also not to forget Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, at the age of 21, he managed to conquer Constantinople.He was the one, in the Prophet's hadith which was "the one who conquered Constantinople is the best leader and his army is the best army". Muslims once, were very good, the were respected by all, the leader of civilization and then because of al-wahan,(love the dunya and scared of death), the Islamic Empire fall down.

Just have a look around us, what happens to Islam. The muslims are carried away with dunya and the kuffar steps on us. We are being called terrorist?? What's that?? That's not Islam. That's the fault of the people who do not understand Islam.

hahaha.but, I don't get it. being 21?? all those stuff?? what it has to do with being 21??...forget it...not my problem...

hello...its the syabab(pemuda-pemudi)'s job to bring Islam back. At least, in the hereafter, when Allah SWT asked, we have something to prove that we also put our efforts to bring the true Islam back.

One year older, it means that one year nearer to death..So, prepare yourself. Make the soul that Allah has blessed, worth it. Lets not waste our age doing unnecessary things.

"O you who believe! Fear Allah and keep your duty to Him. And let every person look to what he has sent forth for tomorrow, and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do"(Al-Hasyr: 18)



layyinulharir said...

happy birthday!

jgn nakal2 tau~ haha..

keep some of da finest choc there 4 me.. nk2!

with lots of lurve..

nurilahi said...


..::qas[ryna]::.. said...
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..::qas[ryna]::.. said...

salam fariena,

sanah helwa ya jamilah (sorry a bit late).may God bless u always.
insyaAlla moga2 slalu dlm keberkatan Tuhan.

doa ikhlas dari teman :)

nurilahi said...

to dayah: thanks a lot...rindu plak die..ade rezki jmpe eh..insyaAllah..