Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tipah tertipu la

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Since I will have my Linguistic test this Monday which is tomorrow, I have to munch and digest loads and loads of information. As I go through all the slide shows (notes given by the lecturer), I come across one topic. It is about language planning. Let me tell you what is the significance of me telling all this things to you.

Language planning concentrates on certain areas of language use:

1-writing: may have to be developed, modified or standardized..
Example: Turkish written for centuries with Arabic alphabet, which does not represent vowels (a, e,i ,o u). SInce Turkish has 8 vowels, writing with the Arabic alphabet was very difficult. In the 1920's, Attarturk resolve this issues by mandating that Turkish be written using the Roman alphabet.

Eh?? So this was the reason used by Attartuk (the so called hero) to hide the real reason why Arabic writing was abolished in Turki...Very clever...Then after that, for centuries people are fooled by the fake fact including the Muslim. Well muslim, wake up from your neverending long sweet dream since the enemies (the kuffar and the al-munafiqun) never fall asleep.

"Mereka ingin memadamkan cahaya Allah dengan mulut (tipu daya) mereka, tetapi Allah (namun tetap) menyempurnakan cahayaNya, walaupun orang-orang kafir membencinya."
(Surah As-Saff ayat 8)


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