Thursday, April 1, 2010

There goes my weekend

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah lega sikit sekarang. Well, I had just submitted my assignment. Talking about last weekend, I went to an English Camp in SMA Rembau and it was my first time being in such camp. Not as a participant but as facilitator. I gained priceless experiences and of course it was beneficial for a teacher to be. Once I stepped my feet on the school compound, my mind flew back to 6 years ago. I was still a student at that time. I really missed that moment. Being in a religious school had always been my dream. I wanted to feel the 'aura' being with you know religious and nice students. Luckily, I got the chance to be in the environment and it was different.=)..The place itself, Rembau was so calm and cold at night and I felt that it was not disturbed by the urbanization. I like that kind of place. I still can feel the 'kampung' feeling there and it was better than the city like KL.How I wish to be posted to these kind of place..amin

During the camp, we had three rules. The first one is 'no lies', second, 'english all the time except mussolla' and oh no I forgot the last one. ok..So, since they had to speak English, they did not speak to me the whole evening. Until when we were at the mussolla, they started to ask me this and that. That was why mussolla became very noisy and we were complained by the brothers. The first question that they asked me: "Akak, akak dulu sekolah mane?"..Ooo akak sekolah sains bukan sekolah agama ke? macam mana akak boleh jadi mcm ni?..em jadi mcm mana tu? ni la ha mcm ni..pki tudung labuh (its not that labuh pun actually)..oo tu ke..em..akak masuk tarbiyah tak sangka eh orang sekolah biasa pun boleh jadi mcm ni."..Well, I could read their mind. They were surprised to see a normal students from normal school could be like one of them but thanks a lot to tarbiyah.=)..Ok that was all with that story..

Those students were so active the next morning. We had our aerobic called 'happy heart 'which means 'suka hati'. Suka hati here was because we did not really prepare the steps and we just created the steps on the spot. I could not continue doing the steps because I laughed throughout the aerobic sessions. It was so funny..Oh yes..the form 5 students were very brave because they wanted to do a performance for us. So it was very sweet..They sang Masya Allah Tabarakallah which was a song taken from a 3d movie entitled Arafah. I enjoyed the song very much and the facilitators started to sing the song after that.You can have the song here..Masya Allah Tabarakallah..

These are some of the photos taken during the English Camp

The facilitators really enjoyed themselves. All the tense and workload that we had, just went away when we saw the students' faces..Hope to meet them again in the future as we had promised them to come again to their school.

Till then...



hidayah said...

salam fariena,

teringat EIC kat sc dungun dulu..=)
kite patut cadangkan tukar format EIC skrg biar tak lagha sgt.

btw, akak ingat dulu abang senior cerita ada org cakap sc dungun ni sekolah sains beragama sbb budak2 die baik blake.hehe. well, have to admit that sc dungun ada 'tarbiyah' yg tersendiri.

usrah, qiam, taklim after maghrib, baca yassin n nasyid di surau ceramah mlm jumaat...ooh how i really miss those days!=D

nurilahi said...

to kak dayah: yes kak dayah I agree..EIC ptt jadi more islamic.ingt akak yang jadi faci dulu wlwpun bkn group saya..tapi kn in a way, sklh kite tu mmg dah mcm sklh agama jgk sbnrnye..kire mcm ok la not that bad..i really miss that too..huhu..