Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I feel this

Assalamualaikum wbt...

There it goes again..
The feeling which I can't resist..
Oh Allah..Gives me the strength to face it..
For I am not strong enough to overcome it alone..
7 months more to go..yey..





1st sister

1st Brother

2nd Brother

3rd Brother

2nd sister

Why homesick?

-what a long holiday -nothing much to do (padahal byk je bnda bley buat..dzatiyah diri tak kuat..Astaghfirullah)

-Always had hp conversations with family members recently (nak wat cmne..cap hp dah upgrade..tk guna cap, membazir je)

-I am all alone when Uji went to Uni (menumpang kat umah Uji dari start cuti smpai skrg..best2..)

p/s: Dah penat merindu...



mek izy said...

salaam dearie, we have the same feeling. but we have our responsibility here.. be strong.. 7 months and we are going back to them forever, inshaAllah.. cherish the moment and tarbiyyah here..

layyinulharir said...

be tough kayh!
we'll b patiently waiting 4 u..

miss u lotz~

nurilahi said...

to mek izy: yup2..i know that.tarbiyyah in Oz is the best thing in my life...insyaAllah...jmpe winter kekgi deh...=)

to layyinulharir: adeh..your words...stuck in my heart...hehe...
i know2...whittakers, lindt,..hehe...