Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't talk to me about Muhammad

Assalamualaikum wbt..rasanya sudah agak lama tidak berbicara mengenai junjungan besar kita Nabi Muhammad SAW..cahaya di atas cahaya, kelahirannya membawa rahmat seluruh alam..Lupakah kita padanya??nauzubillah..jauh sekali..oleh itu, untuk entry ini, saya merasakan wajar kita berbicara mengenai baginda..seperti biasa, saya akan bawakan kalian semua membasahkan minda dengan sebuah lagu mengenai baginda..This is a song by Dawud Ali Wharnsby...Don't talk to me about Muhammad...Dalam satu perjalanan, seorang lelaki tua telah dibantu oleh seorang lelaki muda dengan mengangkat barang-barang lelaki tua itu. Lelaki tua itu berterima kasih dan ada satu syarat yg harus dipatuhi sepanjang perjalanan. Dia mengatakan jangan sekali-kali bercerita mengenai Muhammad..Tentu kalian mahu mengetahui apa yang lelaki tua itu katakan di sepanjang perjalanan kn!!Jom kita mengembara bersama-sama dengan lelaki tua dan lelaki muda ini.

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As our boxes, our hearts and our trusts to God open up, we are face with new challenges

We meet those with different cultures, lives, dreams and views

We meet those reluctant to feel the earth, taste the rain, lean naturally to the sun, growing to the lights of God mercy

As we share this road of life, shall we not share this gift of hope in the way that it was shared by the prophet past with the people??

Old man: It would be such a pleasure to have you come along with me

I accept your gracious offer kindness and company

But as we walk along young man

And as you help me with my load

I have only one request as we travel down this road


Don’t talk to me about Muhammad

Because of him there is no peace and I have trouble in my mind

So don’t talk to me about Muhammad

As we walk along together we will get along just fine

As we walk along together we will get along

That man upsets me so

So much more that you could know

I hear of his name and reputation everywhere I go

Though his family and his clan once knew him as an honest man

He’s dividing everyone with his claim that god is one


Repeat chorus

He’s misled all the weak ones and the poor ones and the slaves

They think they’ve all found wealth and freedom following his ways

He’s corrupted all the youth with his twisted brand of truth

Convince them that they all are strong

Giving them somewhere to belong


Repeat chorus

Thank you now young man

You’ve really been so kind

You’re generosity and smile are very rare to find

Let me give you some advice since you’ve been so very nice

From Muhammad stay away

Don’t talk about Muhammad

You will never have true peace and trouble is all you will find

So don’t talk about Muhammad

And as you travel down life’s road

You will get along just fine

Now before we part and go

If it’s allright just the same

May I ask my dear young man

Who are you what’s your name?

Forgive me what was that

Your words weren’t very clear

My ears are getting old sometimes

Its difficult to hear

Its truly rather funny though I’m sure I must be wrong

But I thought I heard you said your name is Muhammad


Oh talk to me Muhammad

Upon you I pray for peace for you I peace my trouble mind

Oh talk to me Muhammad

And as we walk along together we will get along just fine

And as I travel down life’s road I will get along just fine

Di akhir perjalanan, lelaki tua itu bertanya mengenai lelaki muda itu. Siapakah namanya kerana lelaki muda itu sangat baik hati. Akhirnya, lelaki muda itu menjawab MUHAMMAD..So, it is actually our prophet that helps that old man. Subhanallah.indahnya akhlak baginda..Rasa-rasanya kalau saya la yang dihina sepanjang perjalanan itu, tidak mungkin saya akan membantu lelaki tua itu. Mungkin sebelum perjalan dimulakan lagi, sudah melenting kerana marah..Itu la beza antara kita dan seorang rasul yang sangat mulia...Rindu padamu ya Muhammad..

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